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Information for Residents

mtcc 1295, st james condo, st james toronto, 39 jarvis, st lawrence north market
Budget Information Meeting:
Thursday, March 22, 2018 

Please be advised that an information meeting to answer questions and provide general information regarding the 2018/2019 approved budget will take place on March 22, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room.  All Owners are encouraged to attend. 


A full copy of the Budget Summary has been provided to all owners.  All owners living off-site have been sent the package via Canada Post.   



mtcc 1295, st james condo, st james toronto, 39 jarvis, renovation
Planning a Renovation?

A reminder to owners that written approval from the Corporation is required prior to commencing alterations or renovations within your unit or on your balcony.


To obtain approval from the Corporation, please complete a Renovation Request Form. If the renovation requires changes to plumbing, electrical or load-bearing structural walls, you may also need to complete the In-Suite Renovation Agreement. Both documents are available through property management or in the Secure Section of this site.


Please allow sufficient time to obtain the Corporation's approval, especially if you are proposing significant and/or unusual changes. Residents are responsible for obtaining any required building permits and adhering to all applicable building codes.


Please contact property management and/or the Board of Directors with any questions regarding your renovation.

mtcc 1295, st james condo, st james toronto, 39 jarvis, st lawrence north market
St. Lawrence North Market Redevelopment

Beginning June 6, 2017, North St. Lawrence Market Redevelopment entered Phase 2 of the project, which included demolishing the existing North Market building and conducting further archaeological assessments to conserve any artifacts or structures that are of historical value or interest.

During Phase 2, the archaeological team discovered evidence of the early market buildings on site dating from the 1820, 1831, 1851 and 1904 periods including central drains, lateral brick and stone drains, market walls, storage cellars and support columns. A wide range of artifacts have also been recovered, including pottery, tools, and a glass bottle produced by Toronto pharmacist J.J McLaughlin, who invented Canada Dry ginger ale.

The City of Toronto is committed to the historical preservation and public education of artifacts discovered on this important historical site.

The City has extended the construction tender call for the new building, to allow the project to salvage the remaining archeological finds at the site and examine opportunities for incorporating these elements into the new building design. It is anticipated that construction on the new market building will start in the fall with substantial completion in summer 2020.

Other Useful Links
Residents may be interested in visiting the websites of other organizations and programs in the area: 
                                                                            Old Town Toronto
                                                                            For general and visitor information about the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood as well as a listing
                                                                            of events happening in Old Town Toronto, we invite you to visit the Old Town Toronto website.
                                                                            St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood Business Improvement Association (SLMNBIA)
                                                                            The SLMNBIA is a not for profit organization that works collaboratively with area residents,
                                                                            businesses, and institutions to ensure the continued growth and success of Old Town Toronto.
                                                                            St. Lawrence Market
                                                                            Located at the corner of Front and Jarvis Streets, the St. Lawrence Market was named the world's best
                                                                            food market in 2012 by National Geographic. Open every day except Sunday and Monday, it is home to
                                                                            a number of vendors– all offering an abundance of everyday and gourmet foods. On Saturdays,
                                                                            a bustling farmers' market opens at the North Market.
                                                                            Sunday Antique Market at the St. Lawence Market
                                                                            The Sunday Antique Market is a weekly antiques and collectibles show and sale that takes place every
                                                                            Sunday at the North Market. From antiquarian books to vintage jewellery, the Toronto Sunday Antique
                                                                            market is bursting with rare finds.
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old toronto, old town toronto, st lawrence market
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